Ostwald's process

Ostwald's process
Ostwaldov proces

English-Croatian chemistry dictionary. 2013.

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  • Ostwald ripening — Basic schematic of the Ostwald ripening process Ostwald ripening is an observed phenomenon in solid solutions or liquid sols which describes the change of an inhomogeneous structure over time. In other words, over time, small crystals or sol… …   Wikipedia

  • Ostwald — may refer to: Friedrich Wilhelm Ostwald, the physico chemist (Nobel Prize of Chemistry, 1909) The Ostwald s rule related to the polymorphism: the least stable phase is first formed The Ostwald Process, a synthesis method for making nitric acid… …   Wikipedia

  • Ostwald process — The Ostwald process is a chemical process for producing nitric acid, which was developed by Wilhelm Ostwald (patented 1902). It is a mainstay of the modern chemical industry. Historically and practically it is closely associated with the Haber… …   Wikipedia

  • Ostwald, Wilhelm — ▪ German chemist Introduction in full  Friedrich Wilhelm Ostwald  born Sept. 2, 1853, Riga, Latvia, Russian Empire died April 4, 1932, near Leipzig, Ger.  Russian German chemist and philosopher who was instrumental in establishing physical… …   Universalium

  • Ostwald , Friedrich Wilhelm — (1853–1932) German chemist Ostwald was born of German parents who had settled at Riga, now in Latvia. He was educated at the University of Dorpat and the Riga Polytechnic, where he was professor of physics from 1881 until he left to take the… …   Scientists

  • Ostwald, (Friedrich) Wilhelm — born Sept. 2, 1853, Riga, Latvia died April 4, 1932, near Leipzig, Ger. Russian German physical chemist. He moved to Germany in 1887. He wrote the influential Textbook of General Chemistry, 2 vol. (1885–87). With Jacobus H. van t Hoff in 1887 he… …   Universalium

  • Wilhelm Ostwald — Infobox Scientist name = Wilhelm Ostwald image size=180px birth date = birth date|1853|9|2|mf=y birth place = Riga, Latvia nationality = Germany death date = death date and age|1932|4|4|1853|9|2 death place = Leipzig, Germany field = Physical… …   Wikipedia

  • Industrial process — Industrial processes are procedures involving chemical or mechanical steps to aid in the manufacture of an item or items, usually carried out on a very large scale.Industrial processes are the key components of heavy industry.Most processes make… …   Wikipedia

  • Birkeland-Eyde process — The Birkeland Eyde process was developed by Norwegian industrialist and scientist Kristian Birkeland along with his business partner Sam Eyde. This process was used to fix atmospheric nitrogen which was in turn used to produce nitric acid, used… …   Wikipedia

  • chemistry — /kem euh stree/, n., pl. chemistries. 1. the science that deals with the composition and properties of substances and various elementary forms of matter. Cf. element (def. 2). 2. chemical properties, reactions, phenomena, etc.: the chemistry of… …   Universalium

  • catalysis — catalytic /kat l it ik/, adj., n. catalytical, adj. catalytically, adv. /keuh tal euh sis/, n., pl. catalyses / seez /. 1. Chem. the causing or accelerating of a chemical change by the addition of a catalyst. 2. an action between two or more… …   Universalium

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